Galaxion on hold for the summer! In its place we present “Real Magic”. This story will run for six weeks, every Tuesday as usual. If you’d like to read some of the regular Galaxion story, you can start at the beginning, or why not try one of the completed short stories? Look for new pages of Galaxion to return September 1st!

Hey everyone! Girlamatic, the site Galaxion first launched on in September 2006, has just had a major relaunch! I hope you’ll all check it out. There are some awesome comics over there!

Hi! David again. I took the idea of payment in candles from some medieval household accounts, where servants are described as being paid in candles. Of course, candles were also used to tell time, so it seemed logical to quantify the amount of candle wax due in terms of time.

I’m sure I’ve never behaved that way around women. Never!