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Here’s the backstory: I drew this sketch a couple of years ago at Fan Expo in Toronto, at my first con appearance since leaving the comics scene in 1999. Technically Fan Expo is not an anime con, but it does have an anime area to it, and the cosplayers were certainly displaying their finery. Now, see, this was my first time at any sort of anime show. I’m used to costumes at conventions, but up til then I was always able to identify the costumes– superheroes, Star Trek uniforms, Storm Troopers, whatever. This was the first time I’d look at a costume and have absolutely no idea what the person was supposed to be. I hadn’t watched much anime in seven years, either! What made the whole spectacle even more startling was, I’d been expecting a regular comic con. All this anime stuff seemed to come out of nowhere!

But the weirdest thing of all, at the time, was seeing random people dressed in perfectly normal clothes… but sporting big furry ears and a tail. Now, a couple years later, I get it– I even bought a set for my kids to wear at Anime North– but at the time I couldn’t look at them and not want to burst out laughing because it looked so.. so nonsequitor.

So you see why Patty needed to get a new hat. Vessa, she’s known Patty for years, she’s used to seeing bizarre hats. The tail, on the other hand…. Anyway, I put off posting this because at the time when I drew this, the webcomic hadn’t reached the part where we learn about Patty’s hat collection, so it didn’t make sense to show it off. Then I forgot all about it. But at the Anime North show a couple weekends ago, surrounded by cosplayers and furries, a certain someone mentioned to me that Patty ought to have a pair of ears in her collection of hats. And I remembered this. Norbert, this one’s for you! :-D

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