Welcome to the “First-Friday-of-the-Month” update (and apologies for the slightly delayed posting)! If you’re looking for the most recent Galaxion page, it can be found here.

Yes, I am a great big Star Trek nerd! I know, this comes as a terrible shock to you all. ;-) I drew this to go in the programme booklet for a local Toronto convention– darned if I can remember which one– back in 1995. This was shortly after that Nitpicker’s Guide book came out, and hence the gag. The Borg is Hugh (from the 5th-season episode of the same name), and the two Klingons are the Duras sisters, Lursa and B’Etor. I’m not completely sure anymore, but I think the three of them were all guests at this particular convention, which was why I featured them in this little fan art.

See you Tuesday for the regular Galaxion update!