If this is your first time visiting, welcome, and let me tell you that you’ve wandered into our holiday specials– 3-panel strips are not the norm around here. I hope you find it amusing, though! For the regular stuff you can start at the beginning, or why not try out the recent short story?

Are your eyes crossing trying to read the small text? Sorry ’bout that. Here is a slightly larger image.

So, do you like the snow? My husband found it for me, and I couldn’t resist adding it to the site. Goes well with all that white stuff we’ve been getting outside! You can play with the wind direction using the teeny-weeny little button just above the sponsor space– and if you get sick of it, you can also turn it off altogether.

The reindeer… are probably just holograms. I suppose they’d better be, since they do not appear to be attached to the “sleigh” in any way. Well, you can’t think of everything.