Hey, folks! As some of you have pointed out, today is Aria Schafer’s birthday. Everybody sing! In honor of her special day, I’m taking this opportunity to announce the new edition of GALAXION Book 1: The Jump! Because look, there she is on the cover, in colour and everything. I don’t actually have the book in my hands yet, but I expect it to arrive from the printer very soon. Can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait!! For those of you who may already own a copy of the first edition and are wondering if you’re going to need to buy this one too… well, obviously the answer to that is “yes, buy lots and lots”, but just so you know, the content is exactly the same (except for some minor fixes and cleanup). But this one is offset print, which means the art will look sharper. And hey, pretty new cover! We’ll be selling them at upcoming conventions (Penguicon! TCAF! Toronto Comicon! Kids Read Comics! Baltimore Comic Con!), but if you aren’t able to get to any of those, we’ll be setting up to sell through the website very soon.

Happy Birthday, Aria! Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the regular Tuesday update. :-)