Welcome to our special First-Friday-of-the-Month feature! (If you’re looking for the webcomic, please check out the most recent update. The next regular page will go up as per the usual schedule, on Tuesday.)

This past Tuesday I asked you all which sort of behind the scenes work you’d like to see, and after carefully counting both votes I realized we had a tie between a script and pencil drafts! (Okay, I’m kidding, there were actually three votes, but I will save the Christmas-y stuff, if I find any, until closer to the holiday.) I broke the tie by deciding to pick for today the one that was voted for first– the script– and post some pencil drafts next time.

So! I am pleased to present my script from Chapter One. This script goes on for eleven pages in total. If you’re the sort of person who enjoys the minutiae of webcomic process, you’ll find a lot of it here– you’ll see all my scribbles in the margins (there’s a lot more on later pages), crossed out bits, and various notes to myself. You may even find a small spoiler or two in the text.

It would have been nicer if I’d thought to put a title (“Chapter ONE!”) at the top of the page, but I guess I didn’t think it was necessary, since I’m only writing these scripts for me. As you can see, I don’t bother with any sort of formal script structure. That’s the advantage of being the artist as well as the author– I don’t have to spend time making it look presentable!

Because this is a multi-page update, we’ve had to loop things around a little in the archive. Please click here to get to the next page!