This is a multi-part update! Click through those little number boxes just below the image to see them all. Fan Artist Danny says:

Since my tendency is to build ships and not people, I wanted to do some pieces that actually featured The Galaxion.  I tried to be reasonably faithful to your artwork in the comic, but I did run into the limitations of my skill.  As much as I am a fan of smooth, circle-derived spiral shapes, I can’t pull them off too well when I have to build them manually.  Still, it was rather enjoyable to build a spacecraft that looks substantially different from all the other designs out there currently.

When Danny first sent me these, I was so amazed! I know a lot of people work with various 3D builders, but they’re still a bit of foreign realm to me, so I’m impressed by it all. Perhaps seeing the characters rendered this way would creep me out, but I love looking at the ship! Beautiful. Thank you so much! Please check out more of Danny’s work.