Galaxion on hold for the summer! In its place we present “Real Magic”. This story will run for six weeks, every Tuesday as usual. If you’d like to read some of the regular Galaxion story, you can start at the beginning, or why not try one of the completed short stories? Look for new pages of Galaxion to return September 1st!

It’s David here. Tara wants me to say something about today’s page. I’m not really sure what to say. The Paston Bothers are named after a middle-class family of 15th Century English letter writers. Their letters have been collected and are recommended as a nice source of insight into daily living in the middle ages. Sexte is the sixth hour of the day after dawn (about noon). I drew it from the liturgical reckoning of the hours, more common in the middle ages than today. I’m not sure what Thomas did in the store during their last visit, but I have no doubt he did something to merit his being kept outside this time!