UPDATE January 13: I’m really sorry about this, folks. I got the flu shortly before New Year’s and 2 weeks later I’m finally over the worst of it. Still coughing, though. This was a rough year for the flu. I’m not quite back to normal but enough to get back to drawing and colouring. I’m gonna need another week, but next Tuesday I promise the new page will be ready. :-)

Is this a sign that maybe we can just all get along after all?

These past two weeks have afforded me frustratingly little time to work on Galaxion (barely got this page coloured on time!), and given that the holidays are likely to be no better, I think the sanest course of action is to tell you all to look for the next update– a new page, cross your fingers!– on January 13th.

I do hope you all enjoy your holidays, and thank you so much for reading! :-)