There’s been some really amazing stuff happening on the internets this past week that I want to share with you all because it knocked my socks off! Over on The Webcomic List Forum (TWCL), one of the social sites I tend to hang around in, the topic came up—again—of which webcomics are successful enough to support their creators. One person had said that anyone with a webcomic that has a Wikipedia page survive the Great Mass Deletion must be raking in the bucks, and at that point I chimed in to say, look here, I have a Wikipedia page, and I’m certainly not going to be on that list of self-sufficient webcomics anytime soon! Then a fellow who goes by the screen name of lonelyfetus said something to the tune of, “well, for crying out loud why aren’t you?” And thus, last Wednesday, began…

Campaign: GALAXION (the thread!).

This came out of nowhere, from my point of view, and it seemed like it was up and away before I even had time to blink. I’m still not sure how many of the TWCL forum members who posted to say they’d Stumbled or Dugg or reviewed Galaxion were already fans, or how many were just doing it because they thought it was a neat idea, but… holy cow! I was, and still am, astounded and humbled that these people whom I’ve never met would come together for this kind of thing so selflessly. Now, don’t nobody groan at me for this, for I have to say I feel like I’m not, you know, worthy.

I suppose I’m a typical creative geek: I hole up in my basement and obsess about my creation, I’d do it even if I had no readers at all, and like many of us comic creators I’m inept at tooting my own horn.

…but I’m more than happy to toot the horn of other people!

First, you must go visit the thread just to see some of the banners that were created for this campaign. Oh. My. Gawd. :-D There are also some suggested t-shirt designs in there… would you all like t-shirts? Do you like these? Something else, perhaps? Then, you must go to the webcomic Maskerman and see the cool Galaxion cameo!

Thank you to the creators of

And big thank yous to the ringleader, lonelyfetus, who doesn’t have a page that I can link to, but I know you’d go click it if he had one because he’s been that great.

I’m sure I forgot to thank someone here—Varethane, you’re up next!—so please let me know who I overlooked in the comments. I love you all!! <3