A photo of our new books: Galaxion Book 1: The Jump, 2nd ed.

I was so nervous as I waited for the new edition of Galaxion Book 1: The Jump to arrive, but now that I’ve got them in my hands, I love them. I love the new cover art. I love how much nicer the black and white art inside looks. I love the embossed gold foil (I’m a sucker for the shiny). I love that we were able to fix the few small errors from the first edition that probably nobody else noticed but bugged the heck out of me. And I love that we can offer all this wonderful stuff for cheaper than the old edition! The cover price is $11.99 US, which is about three dollars cheaper than before. So awesome.

I hope to have our store updated very soon, but until then if you’d like to order a scribbled-in-by-the-author copy, shoot me an email.