Okay, quick, before any of you get more neck cramps, follow this link to see the full 2-page image right-side-up!

I forgot about my earlier plan to make all these memory sequences greyed-out until after I posted this week’s page, so you’ll only see that effect in the 2-page image. I wasn’t sure about the word balloon text– the usual theory is the words in a comic should be as legible as possible, so I kept them full black. If you think by doing that I lose too much of the foggy-memory effect, though, or if the contrast is weird, let me know. And if the middle section looks a bit awkward, it’s because I’m trying to account for the gutter (that’s the fold in the centre of a book).

Here’s a bit of trivia to reward you dedicated week-to-week readers (the people who only read the graphic novels will have to pick this up on their own!): Remember way back when we first met Zan in Chapter One, Fusella thought he’d gotten himself fired from TerSA? Well, this little snippet of Zan’s memories here is from the incident she was talking about.

And while I’m at it, I could also point out that Aria’s memory probably goes some way towards explaining what Aria admitted to Darvin back in Chapter Three!