I know, I said this week was going to be the start of my holiday and I wasn’t going to post a page, but I realized that it was unfair to leave you all hanging puzzled after that last page, when just one more would at least finish the scene. So here you are. Merry Christmas! So here’s what going to happen, site-wise: I shall not post a page next Tuesday (Dec 28th). I’ll put up a new page on Jan 4th, but then I’ll skip the January “First-Friday-of-the-Month” update, and then continue on as normal in the New Year. (“What?” I hear you say, “You call this normal?” ;-) )

I hope everyone who is celebrating has a most excellent Christmas and a joyous New Year. Enjoy the snow if you’ve got it. My kids claim they can’t get enough snow, because we’ve got some sleds and other snow toys that are waiting anxiously for a good few inches on the ground so they can be used, and big plans for forts and giant Calvin (of Calvin & Hobbes)-style snowmen. But on the other hand, they’ve never had four feet of snowfall dumped on them (and I, thank heaven, have never had to shovel that much at once!).