I’m surprised it took me this long to give up on the laborious notion of writing out the characters’ names in full. Like I said, when I script I’m not worried about making it look nice. I know perfectly well that “A” is Aria and “F” is Fusella and “D” is Darvin and so on. Eh, I’m sure you can figure it out!

When I’m scripting I have a rough idea of how things will look, and when ideas for the visuals occur to me I’ll jot them down, but mostly the details of the art are worked out when it’s time to draw. The first thing I’ll do, when I’m ready to start pencilling, is break up the script into story pieces that will fit nicely on a comic page. That’s what the chicken scratch is on the left margins– me sussing out the page breaks. The little section in the middle that I’ve portioned off by means of a large parenthesis, for example, corresponds to this finished page.